Since we start a detailed study of the practice and theory of Meditation, we must deal with the situation in which this search is to take place. Achievement in meditation is closely related to the peaceful living. For meditation to effective, the mind must be calm and if the mind is to be cool we must handle our normal life and activities in a neutral way.

A devotional approach is helpful, whatever action we may be involved in, we must practice awareness of the DIVINE PRESENCE in every stage. You may say that this is tough to do in the center of activity which requires our full considerations. But it is also a fact that as soon as preoccupying action is concluded, we can be rebound our mind to the presence of God.

If we are honest we all detect that many tasks do not require the full attention which we give them, by that wasting our time. Just ahead and later sleep, while committed to personal work such as washing, walking..., or any other situation in you all indulged. These are the moments which we could mold into a kind of conscious prayer and remembrance of God. By doing this we got a lot of energy, our productivity increases and also helps to prevent many a distraction thoughts seeking entrance to our mind.

By these approaches, the mind tuned to the meditative mood. When we are doing the practice of meditation at the chosen hours, it easily becomes motionless and concentrated. Distraction from outside and inside can be easily turned away. Reaching the stage where you attaining concentrated meditation on God, you must watch your daily thoughts like words, actions, thoughts, charter, and heart. Shri Krishna tells us in Chapter VI of BHAGWAD GITA

  • " By such constant and dedicated application a person conquer the mind and attains the peace that resides in Me, the peace that passeth understanding"
  •              " Yoga is not for him who eats too much nor for him who eats too little. It is not for him who sleeps too much or too little. For him who is calm and enjoyments, calm in exertion at work and calm in sleep, yoga puts an end to all sorrows"                             vs(16-17).